Celebrity Crush: Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams is a funny chick, which is the first reason that she’s the celebrity crush of the month! The second is that she’s down right bad ass.

In case you live under a rock and don’t know, people were amped that she may be taking over The Daily Show so she clarified with a tweet stating that she was flattered but was under qualified for the job to which a reporter wrote an article telling her to ‘lean in’ and take on impostor syndrome head on. (the reporter has since apologized and recounted)

Why do we extra love her? Her response was that she is not a victim of impostor syndrome, she is a grown ass woman who can make choices about her life, including knowing what she is and isn’t ready for.

I know a post a lot about beauty and fashion but I am ALL ABOUT strong female role models and here is one that teaches us to stick up for our decisions, and ourselves.

The best part? This:


Follow Jessica Williams on Instagram and Twitter for more and more amazing-ness.

Any suggestions for the next celebrity crush? Let me know!


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