Celebrity Crush: Mindy Kaling

Mind Kaling, or MK as I like to refer to her as, is a successful, funny, hard working woman that I definitely admire. You have to admit it, she’s pretty bad ass.

If you haven’t already read her book, Is Everyone Hanging Our Without Me? you most definitely need to.  She talks a lot about working her way up the ladder in an industry absolutely dominated by men.

She’s breaking barriers! Challenging that annoying stereotype that chicks are not funny. SHE’S FUNNY. And she had the writing creds and acting chops to prove it.

She’s confident as fuck! MK talks a lot in her books about her body and her size, and while other people may be nasty assholes and say negative things, girl works it.

She knows there’s more to herself than her good looks!

“If someone called me chubby, it would no longer be something that kept me up late at night. Being called fat is not like being called stupid or unfunny, which is the worst thing you could ever say to me. Do I envy Jennifer Hudson for being able to lose all that weight and look smokin’ hot? Of course, yes. Do I sometimes look at Gisele Bundchen and wonder how awesome life would be if I never had to wear Spanx? Duh, of course. That’s kind of the point of Gisele Bundchen. And maybe I will, once or twice, for a very short period of time. But on the list of things I want to do in my lifetime, that’s not near the top. I mean, it’s not near the bottom either. I’d say it’s right above “Learn to drive a vespa,” but several notches below “film a chase scene for a movie.”
― Mindy KalingIs Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?

And lastly, she’s a real person. She’s not some shiny perfect version of a human, she’s relatable and she’s awesome.

Who is your celeb crush of the month?


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