5 better take out options than pizza

5If I had my way I’d always have enough time to make an amazing home cooked dinner, but I don’t. And there is something about Fridays that always has me reaching to order pizza…a lot of pizza. To go with the beer of course.

Because I’m not perfect (shocker) and because I know myself (and maybe you a bit too) I’ve taken it upon myself to come up with 5 take out alternatives to take on historically delicious options like pizza and Chinese.

And yes if you live downtown you most likely have a host of healthy take out or delivery options but there’s no Freshii in the suburbs. These are in no particular order so…go nuts.

  1. Swiss Chalet (I know right, you’re totally not buying this)
    The Dirty Bird DELIVERS, so it already meets one of the criteria on my list (you can also order online BONUS!) You can check out their healthy alternatives section but you can also just use common sense here. If you like the quarter chicken, go for it just skip the fries for a salad. And if you’re like me and absolutely can’t resist those rolls (I swear there must be crack in them) tell them not to give you one. Say you’re deathly allergic or something, but KEEP THAT DELICIOUS ROLL AWAY FROM ME.
  2. Mr. Greek 
    This one is second because there aren’t that many of them, and sometimes delivery is limited by your location BUT you can call and order ahead and pick up on your way home from work.  Go for a traditional chicken souvlaki, with mounds of fresh Greek Salad and a side of seasonal vegetables, potatoes or rise. SKIP the fries if you can, and enjoy.
  3. Mucho Burrito (now you’re really not buying this eh?)
    The one near me supposedly delivers, however I’m not sure all of them do.  Either way it looks like you can phone ahead for pick up, so give that a try.  Now….STEP AWAY FROM THE BURRITO. You have to exercise your self control a bit here because eating a burrito is way more fun than eating a salad, but they’re both satisfying. Get the salad bowl, without the shell bowl, and load up on meat, veggies, and toppings just stay away from the rice and beans. #muchosaladlove ALSO the site says they’re working on an online order option! (score.)
  4. Subway
    I know, this is a no brainer and they definitely don’t deliver but…two words…EAT FRESH. Try getting a salad, and if you’re craving a sub just steer clear of the obvious no nos like meatball, bacon or extra cheese.  Also NOT drowning whatever you’re having in the sweet sweet southwest chipotle sauce is most likely a good choice. (am I drooling?) A sub packed with fresh ingredients is still better than a pizza…just ask Jared.
  5. Pita Pit (I know, they don’t deliver either…but this was tough)
    I may have eaten my way to the freshman 15 (okay 20) with Pita Pit in university but after a quick view of the site I see the golden word! SALAD. And if my experience with Taco Salads are any indiction a Pita Salad could be delicious, they even have a build your own option. Alternatively opt for a whole wheat pita, just try not to smother it in sauce. Just don’t rely too heavily on the website…it kind of sucks.

At the end of the day, if it’s been a rough week and you want the fucking pizza, order it. AND ENJOY IT. Just don’t do it if all you’re going to do is give yourself grief over it for the next week. I’m sure we’ve all done worse things than eat a pizza on a Friday.

What is your favourite delivery or take out option?


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